Bored is the third story that Epic has written, the other two being Epic Adventure and The (Epic) Tales of Bob Awesomeness. It is also the only story that doesn't take place on Gotopia, instead being unspecific about locations at the start. It is being posted here .


Two friends- Pete and Tom- are launched into space when the Earth is blown up. They meet up with their inventor friend Lily in space, as well as meet many others such as Jenna, Boo, Will and more. They hide from the Time Police as they try to take down Overlord, who was the guy who destroyed Earth in the first place.


So far the revealed characters are Tom, Pete, Lily and Jenna- the main protagonists- as well as Agent Riley and her two henchmen who have powers over fire and water. Sadly, they hurt each other more than their targets. There's also side characters- Boo, Will and Seto- as well as the main antagonist, Overlord.