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  Epic Adventure is a story by EpicHatt, her first original story to be posted on the Internet. There are a few different versions of it (mainly because Epichatt is difficult to satisfy herself), but the basic storyline is Epic Hatt and some friends travel around the world of Gotopia in a boat, consecutively named the S.S. Watermelon. 


The first verion of Epic Adventure was posted on Epic's old website (no longer available) in January 2013. It was about Epic Hatt, Fire and Poncil traveling around the world in a boat. Along the way they ran into many people, but towards the end it sort of lost its touch.

There was another promised to be reposted, featuring Epic Hatt, Fire, Poncil and three more characters- Matt, Scroogie and Nanda. It was never posted though.

The third version- and the most likely to stay around- is featuring Epic Hatt, Matt, Scroogie and Crash. It has been posted, but only a little bit, on here .


Characters that have been brought into the story are Epic Hatt , Fire, Poncil, and now Matt, Crash, and Scroogie. Nanda has yet to make an appearance in any story other than The Epic Allegory.