Two Sides

Left is Epic, right is Darky

Attention: This article is full of spoilers. It is recommended you go read Epic Adventure first. This article will probably never be done until Epic Adventure is.

Epic is one of the main characters of Epic Adventure and The End. She is a bright and happy girl who enjoys adventure of every sort. The provided character information is courtesy of the real epichatt. 

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Epic was described by Matt as the 'picture of an adventurer'. She wears the popular taco shirt with red sleeves, a yellow beanie with the epic face on it, and regular jeans and orange shoes. Epic also has green eyes and brown hair. She is a happy and enthusiastic girl who has a thirst for adventure. She is sometimes very intense and she believes in what's right and what's wrong. Epic is friendly and helpful to anyone and everyone, as demonstrated multiple times in Epic Adventure. She is also very stubborn, dashing into situations without thinking about it. 


Epic's history is rarely if ever mentioned and elaborated on. It is known that she had a friend named Richard, who died years before the start of Epic Adventure. She also knew Ray, who makes an appearance before dying in Epic Adventure. Epic had known people like Pinepic, Gav, Lighty and Darky before Epic Adventure, and Matt finds a journal documenting Epic's first adventures on the S.S. Watermelon. It is actually a throwback to the original Epic Adventure, talking about Poncil and Fire. 


Epic is one of the first characters introduced in Epic Adventure, and this Epic is considered the 'official Epic'. There are other stories with Epic (i.e. The Epic Allegory, Slender: Paranormal) but this story is the linear Epic story. Matt meets her at a travelers' convention, and immediately Epic gets into a fight with Scroogie who has a bad habit of ruining community events.

Character InformationEdit

Name: Epic Hatt

Real Name: Gabby Wilson

Age: 14

Date of Birth: May 26, 1000 AR/5000 AD

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Alternate Versions: Dark Epic, Light Epic, Pinepic, Darkipic, Awesome Capp

Friends: Fire, Kone, Matt, Scroogie, Pon, Ray, Tom, Will, Cayla, Sheniqua, Sleeves, Crash, Flame, Bob, Jenna, Jacob

Enemies: Pon, God End

TItle: Seer of Truth

Weapon: Silver sword

Skills: Fighting, talking, writing, ship steering

Sexuality: ?

Family: Crash and Sleeves- Adopted siblings

Powers: Telekenisis

Series: Epic Adventure, The End, The Epic Allegory, etc.

Weight: 120 lbs

Height: 5" 10'