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Attention: This page contains spoilers. FireFox belongs to KasaiBloodMoon.

Fire is an early character who was a friend of Epic's. She is in The Epic Allegory shown a few times. However, Epic has made changes to Fire as Kasai has made changes to her Epic, creating two different versions of the two. This is only Epic's version on this article.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Fire is a rather short and hotheaded girl who wears a red shirt with 'FML' written on it. She is a faunus, meaning she has animal-like qualities. She has red fox ears and a fox tail. Fire has red hair in a braid and darker red-brown eyes. Fire is easily angered or annoyed, sometimes demonstrating her abilities over fire to show her anger. She is also fiercely loyal, and constantly shown scowling or frowning. She hates or at least mildly dislikes pretty much everyone except for those close to her (i.e. Epic).


As like Epic, Fire's history is hardly if ever mentioned. In Epic Adventure Epic has written a little about Fire in her notebook. Not much is known of Fire otherwise.


In The Epic Allegory, Fire seems to be a friend of Epic and Nanda. She is also in Slender: Paranormal, which is a series by Fire.

Character InformationEdit

Name: Fire Fox

Real Name: Janine Rider

Age: 15

DOB: October 31, 999 AR

Gender: Female

Species: Faunus- Fox

Friends: Epic

Enemies: Poncil

Weapon: Guns

Skills: Fighting, manipulation

Family: Flame & Ember (siblings)

Powers: Manipulation of heat and fire, black magic

Series: The Epic Allegory, Slender: Paranormal