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The Epic Allegory

  Other than her "main" three, Epic has written her fair share of stories may them be fanfictions (mostly shipping YouTubers together, though occasionally EpicFox) or her own random stories.


Epic herself ships plenty of things and writes great stories based on mostly YouTubers dating and falling in love, etc. A total list of ships (last updated March 13, 2014) is right here:

Skylox, Merome, Pewdiecry, R&R Connection, Mavin, Jarrole, and EpicFox, though she has explicity approved of IchiHatt with Ichimated. The members of the ships are in respective order.

SkyDoesMinecraft x Deadlox (YouTube)

BajanCanadian x Merome (YouTube)

Pewdiepie x Cryaotic (YouTube)

Ray Navarez Jr. x Ryan Vagabond (YouTube, Rooster Teeth)

Gavin Free x Michael Jones (YouTube, Rooster Teeth)

Jarrettheuniprincess x heartpuddle (Wattpad)

EpicHatt x FireFoxHatena (Wattpad)

Ichimated x EpicHatt (Wattpad)


Epic may write fanfictions, but she also writes other stories other than her usual 3. Another story Epic has is called The Epic Allegory , which is a little webcomic with her and Nanda and (recently) Fire going through life. She also has other stories that aren't exactly as major, such as Mitzy which is hardly ever mentioned at all.