Left to right: ???, Bob Awesomeness, Epic Hatt and Jenna.

The (Epic) Tales of Bob Awesomeness (also known as TEToBA) is one of Epic's first stories and originally written as a comic. It is the second one she has created, only beat by Mitzy which is unknown if it counts seeing as Epic's sister SleevesCakes 'owns' the series now.


The majority of this story takes place on Gotopia, but it is most certainly not the same Gotopia as Epic Adventure . It features a young 15-year-old Bob Awesomeness and his brother, Jack Ed. Up, as they travel through the land of Gotopia fighting monsters called Shadows and trying to get back home. 


The revealed characters so far are just Bob and Jack, though in the Prologue here there is a mysterious 'Dark Bob' whose information is not released quite yet.