The Epic Tales of Bob Awesomness started out as a small comic by Epichatt in about late-December 2010, and turned into a 10-season 200-comic series taking up approximately 800 pages of notebook paper that ended January 25, 2013. Eventually Epic ditched the idea, but revived it in the form of a story. 


The storyline of the original comic of TETOBA is mostly unknown. From our resources it can be concluded that it was mostly just a mess-around, however it got serious towards the end of the series (mostly in seasons 9 and 10). It told the tale of a young man named Bob and his half brother, Jack, and their adventures through Gotopia (an alternate reality of Epic Adventure). Along the way they fight an evil Darkstar, but whether they succeed or not is unknown.

However, the remake is more informal. It tells about how Bob and Jack go on Bob's 15th birthday (January 25) through a magical door to Gotopia. They travel with the help of a girl named Jade, who is the leader of a group of people trying to stop Darkness from consuming Gotopia. Bob and Jack's only goal is to go home, however, they apply to a prophecy foretelling of a powerful person who destroys the Darkness forever.


Known characters are (obviously) Bob Awesomness, Jack Ed. Up and Jade. More information will be released as the story is published.